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SMASH 2024

A4Y Psychedelic Portrait Studio at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto was an interactive art installation featured at SMASH: BETWEEN WORLDS on May 30th, 2024. This pop-up studio merged two of Arnie Guha's distinct artistic styles: vibrant psychedelic images and videos celebrating exuberant colours, and black-and-white portrait photography. Guha believes that multiple worlds exist within and around us, and by freeing ourselves from habitual ways of thinking and seeing, we can explore these worlds more fully. SMASH: BETWEEN WORLDS invited guests to explore the boundaries between states, parallel worlds, and altered realities through mind-bending installations, art, fashion, food, drinks, music, and more. During the event, visitors experienced the A4Y Psychedelic Portrait Studio, a "live installation" where Guha took pictures of the subjects, edited them in situ, and had them projected onto an interior wall of the Gardiner Museum. This created a dynamic experience that explored the theme of SMASH: BETWEEN WORLDS where the subject, the museum-goer, becomes the art in the museum.