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Arnie Guha, the creative force behind Acid4Yuppies, produces experiential artworks ranging from large-scale installations to psychedelics-inspired scarves. Raised in Calcutta, his childhood immersion in printing shops and photography studios nurtured his artistic sensibilities. Educated at Jadavpur University, Cambridge University, and the University of British Columbia, Guha merges contemporary vision with Indian wisdom.

Guha’s artistic process, which he describes as “creative unlearning,” embraces the advancements of psychedelic therapies and recognizes their immense potential for mental well-being. By intertwining the vibrant aesthetics of psychedelic art with his Indian heritage, he creates a visual language that transcends boundaries and invites viewers to experience epiphanies and inner transformations.

Guha has exhibited his work internationally and has been included in large-scale public exhibitions (NOCTURNE in Halifax and [S]HIVER Festival in Dawson City). His collaborative ventures include projects with fashion designers and fellow artists, such as the JUMA Spring/Summer 2024 RTW Collection for Shanghai Fashion Week and an ongoing collaborative project with The Time Travel Collective with an upcoming exhibition at The Museum in 2025. Guha will be bringing his Psychedelic Portrait Studio installation to the Gardiner Museum on May 30th, 2024, at SMASH: BETWEEN WORLDS (

Guha divides his time between Toronto and Montreal, collaborating with DJs and visual artists to create immersive art experiences.