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Acid for Yuppies Photography | Lightboxes


Arnie Guha wants the viewer to experience a moment.

Leaning into the grass or the flowers while his Labrador Retriever, Teddy, noses around them, he captures an instant perspective from the ground up.

Growing up in Jadavpur, at the southern edge of Kolkata, India, Arnie found inspiration and fellowship in a local portrait photographer’s workshop. The subtle tones and textures of hand-painted colours that brought to life these otherwise ordinary images—mostly administrative photos for applications and renewals —led Arnie to obsess over his uncle’s collection of photography books.

These early influences continue to resonate in Arnie’s approach to image-making. The digital tools that he uses to manipulate colours and forms are part of today’s alchemy, but the effects and processes that inspire him harken back to older times: multiple exposure, or prolonged exposure; the chemical deformations that led to delicious memes of “ectoplasm” or other ghosts being “captured” on film. The idea of time as a palimpsest on which we layer our experiences – and the ability of a photograph to communicate that experientially – underpins Arnie’s work. Sometimes captured as still life in black and white, and often digitally manipulated with psychedelic, saturated colours, Arnie’s images aim to capture our current, digital field of vision—an impression further deepened and informed by Arnie’s professional experience as Head of Experience Design at Phase 5.

Educated in Calcutta, Cambridge and Canada, Arnie’s images aim to persuade us to take a peek around the edges of our perception and, should we find anyone there, ask them to come in for a chat.

Acid for Yuppies is represented by Highness Global. For any inquiries, contact Highness Global