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CONTACT Photography Festival

ACID4YUPPIES PSYCHEDELIC PORTRAIT STUDIO, May 2 - 4, 2024, located at Studio IDFK in Toronto

ACID4YUPPIES PSYCHEDELIC PORTRAIT STUDIO, was an interactive art exhibition for the CONTACT Photography Festival. This pop-up studio merged two of Arnie Guha's distinct artistic styles: vibrant psychedelic images and videos that celebrate exuberant colours, and black-and-white portrait photography that emphasizes disciplined light and shadow. Event participants became the central subjects of this installation, experiencing a blend of these contrasting techniques.

A live stream of Guha at work was projected onto the gallery walls, allowing visitors to see the creative process in real time. The final portraits were then projected onto the exterior of Studio IDFK, creating a dynamic experience that documents Guha's process from start to finish. Guha believes that multiple worlds exist within and around us. By freeing ourselves from habitual ways of thinking and seeing, we can explore these worlds more fully.