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Moonrise Kingdom, Birch Hill, Quebec

I spend a lot of time in the village of Hudson, Quebec. It is a magical place, quite outside of this world as we know it. This is a picture that I took as I was waiting for a car to pick me up for my return trip to Toronto. I was desperately sad to leave my woodland friends behind. I was crying. 

And the tree comforted me.  “You are not going anywhere,” they said, “it is space and time that are passing through you: you are what you are, where you are, here, now, eternal. Like me. And as the moon rises and falls behind me, and just as you see the light change through my branches and leaves, though I never move, so does life, and so do all the experiences of places and hours move through you. For you are the prism, as I am, as each of us is, through which Light bends.” 

And I felt elated. And free. 

  • 25.5 x 33.5 inches
    Framed print