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NOCTURNE 2023 Psychedelic Portrait Studio

For NOCTURNE 2023, Arnie Guha set up a Pop-Up Psychedelic Portrait Studio at The Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. This creative space was open to the public and featured a mesmerizing psychedelic atmosphere created by projecting Guha's images and films onto diffused surfaces.

For this project, Guha used a painting by the recently deceased Dart Gallery Artist, George Smith, as a tribute.

As an experiment in photography as performance art, the images were projected onto the Dart Gallery, visible at street level, on Portland Street.

"My dream is to wash all faces in the varied electric hues of psychedelia so that we may perceive ourselves beyond the image in our mirrors and be surprised, perhaps, at what we see when we are touched by the light of curiosity and exploration." - Arnie Guha